PROJECTS / Update 50% Renewable Energy Scenario

Update 50% Renewable Energy Scenario

Latin America and the Caribbean

November 21, 2022

K&M has been contracted by Water en Energiebedrijf Aruba (WEB) for an assignment to assist in updating the Levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) and emissions forecast of a generation scenario where all thermals are converted to run-on gas from LNG and renewable energy sources fill at least 50% of the island’s electricity generation needs.

K&M will perform the following:

  • Update and confirm scenario assumptions, including the size of wind and solar power plants; battery size and duration; investment costs; timelines for wind and solar projects; capacity factors for wind and solar projects; CAPEX and OPEX for new technologies (solar, wind, and battery; and fuel prices for HFO, LFO, and LNG
  • Update WEB Generation and Financial models according to updated assumptions
    • Reflect any new information on other key assumptions driving the generation and financial model. For example, first gas timing, ELMAR demand, rooftop solar penetration, and others
    • Include more refined estimates of parasitic load and other internal electricity consumption that affects the net generation
    • Refine maintenance cost estimates based on actual running hours
    • include the Task 1 agreed-on scenarios and updated assumptions.
  • Run models and analyze scenarios
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