PROJECTS / Geismar 80 MW Power Station

Geismar 80 MW Power Station

North America

October 22, 2020

K&M served as Lender’s Engineer performing an independent review of the 80 MW Geismar power project. The Geismar power plant was under construction at Shell Chemical’s petrochemical manufacturing complex at Geismar, Louisiana. The power plant is a 80.3 MW (gross at average site temperature of 68°F) cogeneration facility consisting of a two identical GE Frame 6B Gas Turbine Generators (GTGs), each rated at 40.16 MW at site average temperature and each coupled with a Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG). K&M assessed the physical condition, expected continued performance, and remaining useful life of the facility. This assessment was based on an inspection of the assets constituting the plant, interviews with plant personnel, and review of plant documentation.

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