PROJECTS / Honduras WB Electricity Governance

Honduras WB Electricity Governance

Latin America and the Caribbean

October 22, 2020

The World Bank hired K&M Advisors to develop the governance assessment of the National Electric Energy Company (ENEE). After evaluating the company, K&M created a proposal with recommendations on the appropriate corporate structure in the context of the unbundling of the functions of generation, transmission, and distribution that is taking place in the electric power sector. K&M supported the drafting of a governance assessment of ENEE and supporting capacity building and knowledge sharing activities. K&M drafted a governance assessment report of ENEE and produced an advisory document on how to design and implement the appropriate governance structure of the new unbundled companies. K&M hosted a dissemination event in Honduras to present the main findings of the governance assessment and to share international best practices and experiences in compliance with Honduran regulations. Throughout the contract, K&M provided technical advice to strengthen the governance of the SOE and the electricity sector.

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