PROJECTS / Ismailia Wastewater Treatment Plant

Ismailia Wastewater Treatment Plant

Middle East and North Africa

October 22, 2020

K&M served as the independent quality control engineer for project procurement and quality assurance on this USAID/Egypt-funded project under sub-contract to Morrison and Knudsen. The Ismailia facility rehabilitation was part of Phase II of the $100 million Canal Cities Project, which includes a 90,000 CMD wastewater treatment facility, 10 km of 1200 mm influent lines, 10 km of 1700 mm effluent lines, a wastewater pumping station, and an industrial user survey with an industrial waste monitoring program. K&M was responsible for design specification review, implementation of the onsite quality control and quality assurance program as well as onsite/offsite testing and quality inspection of all construction work put in place.

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