PROJECTS / Oserian Geothermal Industrial Park Technical & Economic Assessment

Oserian Geothermal Industrial Park Technical & Economic Assessment

Sub-Saharan Africa

October 22, 2020

Oserian is a Kenyan flower farming company with a total of 20,000 acres. At their site in Naivasha, Oserian owns 5,000 acres of land on which there are proven geothermal resources. They are located directly across from KenGen’s Olkaria fields. They currently have three wells, two power producing wells and one heat producing well. Oserian is home to the largest geothermal heating for agriculture plant in the world and has been named Kenya’s best renewable energy company by the Kenya Association of Manufacturers. Oserian has developed a Master Plan which consists of an industrial park, commercial centers, a game park conservancy and mixed-use housing scheme. Oserian contracted POWER Engineers to perform a technical and economic assessment of Oserian’s planned industrial park. Oserian’s goal for their industrial park is to meet their clients’ energy demands fully with 100% renewables including geothermal, solar, and pumped hydro storage.
As a subcontractor to POWER Engineers, K&M leads the economic assessment. K&M’s cost/benefit analysis includes conducting a payback analysis of the proposed investments under several relevant scenarios. This includes: (i) 100% renewable energy technologies including geothermal, (ii) hybrid green and fossil technology, (iii) hydro pumped storage vs. battery storage, (iv) stages investments and least-cost investment plan, (v) the potential impact of adding additional residential and/or commercial customers, and (vi) regulatory and legal aspects of such potential additions.


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