PROJECTS / South Africa Infrastructure PPP Policy

South Africa Infrastructure PPP Policy

Sub-Saharan Africa

October 22, 2020

South Africa has various infrastructure plans, laws, and policies in place, but this has not resulted in a cohesive and unified public investment framework. In addition, there is no process or centralized decision point for conceiving, screening, and preparing projects regarding their overall suitability to be implemented with private financing or as PPPs. The World Bank hired K&M to support the Government of South Africa (GoSA), and more specifically the Investment and Infrastructure Office (IIO) in the Presidency, with the development of an Infrastructure Finance Policy.
K&M’s first task was to review international examples of similar policies related to infrastructure financing, including PPPs. K&M then reviewed relevant South African documentation such as: National Development Plan (NDP), National Infrastructure Plan (NIP), Infrastructure Development Act No 23 of 2014 (IDA), Infrastructure Delivery Management System (IDMS), Framework for Infrastructure Delivery and Procurement Management (FIDPM), and the IIO’s draft Infrastructure Finance Policy. From this analysis, K&M drafted an Infrastructure Finance Policy outline and later finalized the outline after receiving comments from relevant GoSA stakeholders and the World Bank team.


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