PROJECTS / Wupperverband Wastewater Treatment Plants

Wupperverband Wastewater Treatment Plants

Europe and Central Asia

October 22, 2020

K&M did the technical and commercial due diligence on the proposed cross-border lease transaction of seven wastewater treatment plants owned by self-governing special purpose association located in North Rhine-Westphalia. Wupperverband owned and operated eleven wastewater treatment plants, seven of which were included in this transaction—these seven are located in: Buchenhofen, Wermelskirchen, Schwelm, Radevor MWald, Dhünn, Odenthal, and Leverkusen. The total catchment area of the Wupperverband is approximately 813 km2. The treatment plants are designed to treat a certain quantity and quality of wastewater within their region, and have some form of preliminary sludge processing. K&M’s scope of work was to assess the reasonableness of the technical, commercial and operational terms of the Service Contract; assess certain aspects of the due diligence engineering and the appraisal reports; and review the system support agreement.

AGR Herten Waste-To-Energy Due Dili

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