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2020: A Year in Review

December 21, 2020

2020 was a year unlike any other in recent memory. Like most of the world, the COVID-19 pandemic forced K&M to reevaluate its business strategies and devise a path in which to flourish amidst the pandemic’s uncertainty. Despite this adversity, the K&M team adapted, was resilient, and worked hard to go the extra mile advising existing clients and securing an impressive number of new clients. K&M feels proud of its achievements.    

In these challenging times, K&M helped clients assess the impact of the pandemic. The Policy and Regulation Practice developed financial models for several utilities in Latin America and the Caribbean to analyze the financial and operational impact of COVID-19. In addition to advising numerous clients on the pandemic’s impact, the Policy and Regulation Practice helped clients with climate resiliency and water and wastewater regulatory strategies. Since the launch of the Policy and Regulation Practice in January 2019, Managing Director, Nils Janson, has grown the practice and welcomed three new analysts in 2020.

Led by Derek Martin, the Transaction Services Practice supported several new clean energy projects. While K&M has longstanding experience with renewable energy technologies, 2020 provided opportunities for K&M to deepen its expertise in energy storage, solar PV, and geothermal technologies across Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean.  The Transaction Services Practice’s work on hybrid storage and solar projects is setting a new standard for structuring bankable projects for commercial and industrial users who want to migrate away from the grid.  Despite the limitations imposed by the pandemic, the Transaction Services Practice made substantial progress in 2020 on the competitive procurement of two very complex transactions (hydropower in Malawi and geothermal in Kenya).

The Strategic Practice, led by President Alfonso Guzman, expanded its work in the LNG space.  Throughout 2020, the practice expanded its expertise on mid and small-scale LNG supply solutions for island economies and off-grid large energy users.  For example, K&M is advising several Caribbean islands on developing and procuring small-scale LNG supply logistic solutions, including LNG delivered in ISO containers or small-scale LNG carriers.  The practice also expanded K&M’s work advising on breakbulk LNG import projects capable of supplying small LNG volumes to mines and other large energy users. For example, K&M is advising the IFC and Gaslog on an LNG breakbulk terminal in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Reflecting on the successes of the Technical Services Practice, Managing Director, Lenny Golbin, started the Independent Engineer assignment for the 470 MW Attarat Oil Shale Power Plant Project in Jordan. This project is strategically important for the county as it uses an indigenous fuel source and contributes significantly to its energy independence.  The Technical Services Practice also continued its work on the 180 MW Independent Power Project in Guam, providing Guam Power Authority with advisory services required to obtain necessary permits and achieve financial close. The Technical Services Practice was active in Jamaica and continues to support the Old Harbour 190 MW IPP. Currently, K&M is helping the project achieve commercial operation using liquid fuel.

While uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 remains, K&M is confident that 2021 will be a remarkable year.  K&M is grateful for its clients, staff, and collaborators’ support, trust, and hard work. K&M is looking ahead to continue its history of collaborating with clients to create lasting impacts in the global power and water sectors.

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