NEWS / K&M’s Expands its LNG Portfolio to the Cayman Islands

K&M’s Expands its LNG Portfolio to the Cayman Islands

December 1, 2020

The Cayman Islands’ Caribbean Utility Company (CUC) is considering a switch from diesel to LNG for the island’s power generation needs. K&M has been hired to assist the CUC in its development of an LNG-to-Power strategy.

The purpose of the LNG-to-Power strategy is to examine the costs, risks, and development schedule for various LNG import options. There are several LNG import options for the Cayman Islands to consider with the majority of these options costing less than the current importation of diesel fuel. While LNG may offer significant cost savings, CUC’s LNG-to-Power strategy will also examine associated risks and the time required to build the LNG infrastructure. In the end, the CUC hopes to have a handful of viable LNG-to-Power options from which to launch a gas supply competitive procurement process.

Under the direction of K&M’s President, Alfonso Guzman, K&M will first review and comment on the LNG supply options analysis performed by CUC. This task will include reviewing proposals received from LNG and CNG suppliers as well as confirming the type and main characteristics of the viable options for importing, storing, regasifying, and transporting gas to CUC’s power plants. K&M will also identify and analyze viable LNG-to-Power contracting and procurement options. Following the development of the LNG-to-Power strategy, K&M expects to assist CUC with the competitive procurement of natural gas supply for the island.

As the need for lower cost energy options increase, K&M is ready to assist its clients with a wide range of cost saving and sustainable solutions, including LNG.  

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